About Oleum

In a global market distinguished by remarkable changes, companies face a host of new challenges. Oleum is a dynamic professional procurement company with experienced purchasing and management professionals to address the needs of our clients. Our mission is to help our clients refine the way they do business by discovering innovative ways to blend technology and strategy with world-class service.

We know how crucial it is that your organization has efficient supply chain management, so you can be flexible and responsive to change. At Oleum, we help you by employing the most efficient method of supplying your needs – whether they are the routine day-today operational needs or urgently required capital expenditures. What does this mean? It means we’re driving bottom line results.

Expect Excellence. Our clients know from experience that commitment to their success is the heart at Oleum. The collaborative, open spirit in which we work extends to our projects and to our relationships with individuals and companies.

A World of Value & Personal Service


We understand your world, because we’ve been there. We speak your language. We are interested in your needs, because the more we know your challenges, the better equipped we are to find a cost-effective solution. Oleum is located in the global center of Drilling Technology Industry – Houston, Texas USA. Our contacts and expertise keep Oleum abreast of the latest developments…some evolutionary…some revolutionary.

This up-to-the-minute knowledge can give you a competitive edge.


We know the latest technology. We consistently review the most recent innovations. We know about the newest products that can meet your needs, often at lower cost than older technology, and all meeting strict industry standards. So you can do more for less.


Generally we can offer you several options:

  • Traditional suppliers
  • Exact replacements meeting industry standards
  • Innovation that do more at a lower cost

There can often be wide difference in price fir similar equipment from different suppliers. We help you sort it out – and the saving are yours.


Oleum’s buying power and long term relationships get you the best prices. We know “who has what” – and what it should cost. You save two ways – better process and faster service.

We invite you to take a closer look at Oleum to see how we can help you.